I Have Library Envy

Recently on Twitter someone posted a photo of Neil Gaiman’s Library. Of course, you never know for sure it these things are true, but it seemed legit to me. Check it out: http://blog.shelfari.com/my_weblog/2009/09/neil.html.

This leads me to my one jealousy-those with a large office/library with space, windows and quiet. Oh, I know I have it good where I work at home and I appreciate it immensely. I have a wonderful space to work, a quiet room (somewhat) and a lovely home to work out of. But on those days when I want what others have, this is what I want-I want Neil Gaiman’s library. I want to clear off that chair and sit among the books with a cup of tea…Ahhh, heaven!

Now, some writers don’t need all that to create and I’m one of them. (I want it-don’t need it.) I know Stephen King wrote on a folding table in the hallway for years and some writers work at their kitchen tables. Other sit outside, write in coffee houses and even in the park. It’s whatever keeps you going and gives you the space and time to write. This article describes the writing spaces of many famous people and makes me feel like I’ve got it very good. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/12/realestate/12habi.html?8dpc

For a look of how some writers write, check this out: http://www.whereiwrite.org/bova.php. Although these are all SF writers, notice the diversity of spaces. Some are clean and neat, others are crammed with books, while others are just on a sofa or recliner. It makes you realize that we all write where we can, when we can. Being comfortable is what matters.

Why do I love looking at these so much? I don’t know, but I just love seeing into the world of other writers, where they create, what they see while they’re writing. I don’t want to see what someone’s office looks like, but I love to see a writer’s lair. Go figure.

This site has writers sending in photos of their space. It’s fun to browse and get ideas: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/series/writersrooms.

There are even places to rent out space to write. Crazy, but if you need the space and quiet, it just might work: http://fictionwriting.about.com/od/startingtowrite/tp/urbanspaces.htm. I think if I had a very small home, or needed to get out of the house, this would work. What if you were one of those people who needed the discipline of going to work every day? This would be the ticket (although there is no boss there.)

Where do you write? Let me know, I’m interested. It’s comforting to see where other writers work, isn’t it? It makes me feel like I’m part of a club. Join the club.


6 thoughts on “I Have Library Envy

  1. Yes, envy creeps it’s ugly head in my room as well. I have found that I must seperate my library space from my writing space. If I don’t, I get lost in my books and forget to accomplish any of my own writing.

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