Education Never Stops

OK, you’re an editor or a writer and you’ve been doing it for years and making money. Is it useful to take a course, workshop, or class from a fellow writer at this point? Is it useful to hear what others are doing, learn a new way to do it, or not? Maybe if it’s working, why mess with it?

I’ve been pondering that question because there are two workshops coming up in town that looked interesting to me. One is at a locally owned bookstore in Scottsdale, The Poisoned Pen, run by author CC Harrington titled “Are you a Plotter or a Panster?” The workshop focuses on outlining, plotting, etc. and the many different ways that work. Why is this interesting? I work in a very specific way, but I’m always curious to know how others work. What if there is a better way to do it? What if I’m not working at my potential?

Another workshop later in the month is offered at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, another locally owned bookstore. This one is run by James Owen and is titled “Writing for Young Adults.” Since that is where my novel is focused, I’m interested to get the straight skinny from someone who’s written for the audience successfully  (The Shadow Dragons, The Indigo King, etc.)

I’m thinking that most of the info in these workshops can be found on the Internet somewhere. But in the same way that my workshops are better because there is someone there to answer your questions and the info comes from a live person, so works these classes. I’ve pretty much decided to do this, and I’ll let you all know how each of them goes. You’re never too old to learn something new, and even successful people know that there is so much more out there to accomplish and perfect.

So, I’ve answered my own question but maybe I’ve given you something to think about. Join me in either of these classes if you’re in the Phoenix area. We can learn from each other.


2 thoughts on “Education Never Stops

  1. I’m not in the Phoenix area (could use some mild weather though) but I agree with you: it’s good to keep exposing oneself to new ways, new ideas. That’s how we remain interested in our craft and interesting too. I’m starting a class on on Monday. Great way to connect with people too!
    See you on Twitter! Maryse

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