Chatting and Learning in a Whole New Way

I told a friend recently how great the chats on Twitter were lately and how much I had learned. She looked at me as if I had two heads. What chats? Then she asked me what those hash marks mean all over Twitter.

Well, my friends, I’m here to update you on something I recently stumbled upon. There is a world of information out there just waiting for you, if you know where to look. I was reading through my Tweets awhile back and noticed so many of them had the note #askagent at the end. What the heck? I assumed it was a topic that everyone was using, but that was as far as it went. I was so wrong. When I finally found out what it was, I was blown away.

First off, let me go back a little. If you’re using Twitter, this is going to be so difficult. Go to and download Tweetdeck. Not only can you follow tweets, direct messages and mentions but you can also have a column for Facebook, which means you don’t have to go on FB, even if you’re sending an update or commenting on someone else’s status. All updates for Twitter pop up automatically. So, go do that now and I’ll wait……

OK, now that you’ve downloaded Tweetdeck, let’s move on. You can see the four columns in front of you, right? Well if someone in your tweets should mention a chat, just click on that hash mark and the column on the right will now deliver all comments with that hash mark and comment. Big deal, you say? I’m not done.

These chats are real-time. It’s like inviting all the best editors, writers, and agents into your livingroom for a chat. Oh yeah! There are a few wonderful chats scheduled weekly that you can jump into when you have a chance. #askagent is one, #writechat and #famwritechat are two more. Check out for another avenue for reading chats. You can type in any chat you want to follow. can also do the same thing, but you can follow multiple chats if you want. This way, you get to jump into a conversation with professional editor and agents, ask what you want and listen to their advice. Pretty cool, huh?

So why am I tell you this? Because this is your grand opportunity. Ask that professional editor, agent, or writer the questions you have always wanted to ask. Sometimes there is a subject for the chat, but sometimes you can ask anything you want. The chats can go quickly sometimes, so keep up if you can. And don’t worry, you can always read them later if you have to leave or miss one.

Just jump in and give it a try. They do go quickly and I ended up reading a chat without jumping in recently-it was just too quick. But I still gleaned so much information just from following along. Don’t miss out-it’s a wonderful resource.

Have fun…


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