“I’m sure another agent will feel differently”

It finally happened- I got my first rejection. I expected to be heartbroken, despondent, and depressed, but in actuality I was none of those. I was encouraged by the wording and didn’t feel hurt at all. Am I actually maturing in my quest to be published? Have I learned so much from the Twitter community? That answer to that is a definite YES.

I also want to thank the agent who took the time to add to the “No thank you.” The rejection would have hurt much worse without it and I would have been left in the dark. Right now I’m confident and will continue on with my mission-to be published.

I’m not fooling myself into thinking there won’t be many more of these rejections in my future. I’m sure there will be, probably in the double digits, but I’m ready for them. I can handle them and I think I’m getting a much thicker skin as my quest continues. I’ve handed out my MS and gotten back criticisms and suggestions as well as praise. Some I disregarded and some made perfect sense and I appreciated them all. I thought I would be stung by the criticisms and I was pleasantly surprised that they were more helpful than hurtful. Anticipating the critique is worse than the actual thing.

So the bottom line is, “Bring it on!” I can handle the rejection, I can handle the criticism and I can handle the wait. I know this is a great book and I know some agent will feel the same way. I just have to wait for the right agent. I’m leaving out the name of this particular agent for the agent’s sake, not mine. I’m not sure on protocol so I’m going to keep her name private but I will give you a peek at her words, which were short but sweet:

Thank you for querying me but unfortunately I’m going to have to pass.

Please don’t take this rejection as a comment on your writing ability, because it isn’t intended to be one.  I’m sure another agent will feel differently.

Best of luck to you with the submission process.

I’m encouraged and moving on, I feel the same way she does…I’m sure another agent will feel differently. I just need to find her/him.


4 thoughts on ““I’m sure another agent will feel differently”

  1. You’ve taken a big step and you are handling it with courage and the proper attitude! I say, “That a girl!”

    I agree, another agent WILL feel differently. Keep searching.

  2. The good news is that you took your first rejection like a champ. . . the even better news is that you are looking past it towards the next rejection (trust me, there will be many more). . . and the even better good news is that you are sending a MS out. For that, I say congrats! For getting your first rejection I say congrats! And for keeping your chin up I say congrats!

    I remember one day I got four rejections in the mail. Man did it kill me. I couldn’t believe agents hated my new book so much! 🙂

    Then again, just last Friday I received three acceptance letters for short stories on sites and to be in print anthologies. . .

    The moral of the story?

    Keep writing. Keep sending. And save all the rejections. They are fun to look at. . . or use for burning if you run out money and can’t pay the oil bill in the winter!



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