Don’t Plan Your Acts of Kindness- Just Do It (RAOK Challenge-Day 4)

As I took my walk this morning while everyone else slept, I tried to imagine what acts of kindness I could do today. I realized that planning something like that was just a waste of time. The acts of kindness that matter are the ones that are spontaneous and heartfelt. Yes, bringing dinner to a friend is a great thing and I totally recommend it, but just offering to help someone struggling with too many bags is also just as appreciated. Plan all you want, but make sure you take advantage of the opportunities when they arise.

Last night, following the challenge, I offered to help a woman in the Safeway parking lot whose tire had gone flat. Of course, I’m not good at changing tires, but I figured I’d be good company and willing to help any way I could. A few moments later, a wonderful young guy came over and said, “If you ladies don’t mind, I’d be happy to take care of that for you.” See? These things do work out just right in the end. He did a good thing just to be nice.

I’m also looking forward to the query workshop, which starts tomorrow. Feedback is something I greatly appreciate and I’m hoping that this will help to streamline my query into something that can’t be ignored. Who knows, I may be shouting for joy about getting a new agent just a month from now!

Not only is it Day Four of the challenge, but it’s also Easter. This means family comes for brunch and we eat and spend time together. I love these types of holidays that require no gifts-just time spent together. Today I’m making brunch for my family, and I’m making the fritatta on my vegetarian/gluten-free blog among other things. I’ll be watching for opportunities along the way to spread the RAOK love, what about you?


2 thoughts on “Don’t Plan Your Acts of Kindness- Just Do It (RAOK Challenge-Day 4)

  1. Like many people I often don’t think about the random acts of kindness I preform. Most have become second nature, but your post reminds me that I should always be vigilant to watch for opportunities.

    I love your vegetarian/gluten-free blog and look forward to trying many of these healthier alternatives. Thank you for sharing the link.

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