Starting to focus (and) Day 5 of the RAOK Challenge

I’m focusing on myself, and my query, as I mentioned before. It’s the first day of the online query workshop and although it’s just been introductions, I’m feeling very good about this. The main reason is that I’m doing something for me. For some reason, I feel that spending money on my writing is something I should hold off on doing till it starts bringing in money. But I realize now that I’ve got the wrong thinking going on. Writing is my passion and why not spend money on my passion? My husband rebuilds old cars-it’s his passion and he spends money on that. He doesn’t tell me not to, don’t get me wrong. It’s all me.

So, not only am I spending money on my writing, I’m jumping into it with a full-force dive. I can’t wait to focus on nothing but this-it makes me happy. I’m enthusiastic and ready to take whatever comes.

Day five of the RAOK challenge was an easy one today since I spent most of my day doing things for others including picking up, dropping off, carrying things, etc. Some days, it’s not too hard to find ways to be nice to people. Darling daughter wanted a new camera and saved $110 for it, only to come up $15 short. I filled in the gap with pleasure.

What have you done today for your writing and for others?


4 thoughts on “Starting to focus (and) Day 5 of the RAOK Challenge

  1. I’ve never considered spending money on writing related expenses a bad thing. I think of it as an investment. Not just in myself, but also in my future. You should feel great about the amount of dedication you have shown and your willingness to learn.

    • Thank you. I am now in your camp when it comes to spending money on my writing. I realized (a little late) that if I don’t take it seriously, how can anyone else? Thanks for the encouragement.

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