Is there a doctor in the house? …Day 7 of RAOK

I spent the day today researching agents and their markets. Which agents want YA fiction, which ones are taking new submissions, which ones want a query without a synopsis, which ones want the first few pages, etc. I’m finding it’s not so easy to find just the right one and even if you find someone who looks perfect, they may not be interested in what you have to offer.

Since I’ve been following a few agents on Twitter and following a few blogs, those were the first on my list. I checked out what they want and if they are open to submissions. Then I looked up the agents of a few of my favorite books that are in the same genre. I’m hoping those agents will take a closer look since they seem to have a good eye. But then again, maybe they don’t want more of the same…who knows.

Sending out queries is like looking for a new doctor. He/she has to fit your needs, be taking new patients. You want someone who truly has your genuine interest at heart and isn’t just doing it for the money. Same with the agent-they have to love your work and truly want your success as well as the money. How do you get that from a blog or tweets? I don’t know that part. I’m taking it all in and reading tweets from people who post about how much they love their agents. That’s the best I can do right now. Once the offers to represent me are rolling in, I’ll deal with that. Do you have an agent you totally love and think I should query? Let me know.

It’s Day 7 in the RAOK challenge. I didn’t post yesterday-but I gave a friend a food saver machine that was given to us and we had never used. She was excited to get it and I was happy to get the cabinet space back. Good deal all around. Today my daughter and I cooked up a crockpot of goodness, along with cornbread, for a friend who had just had a baby. We dropped it off with everything needed for a great dinner-no work needed. Felt good.

For myself, I’m working on the query workshop and so far it’s been great. I can’t wait to revise my query and get something killer to send out.


2 thoughts on “Is there a doctor in the house? …Day 7 of RAOK

  1. There are so many things I still need to learn and how to find the right agent is a big goal for the future.

    My RAOK for the day was to do all of the yardwork while my hubs was off at work. When he gets home he will have a free weekend with no choirs to accomplish.

    • Finding an agent is very difficult, but there is something very exhilarating about being at the point where you want to send out a query, and waiting for the response. It feels great to be there, and mighty scary.

      I’m sure your husband will be very happy. Great job!

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