Finding the right voice – Day 8 of the RAOK Challenge

Finding the right voice is so tough. I know that sounds crazy to someone not trying to write a novel and query, but it is. And when you’re talking about query writing, it’s even more difficult. What kind of voice do you want? Playful, mysterious, snarky, etc.? It all depends on what the novel is about and the characters in there. But for some reason the book is easy, the query is hard.

Reading other book blurbs and descriptions can help. What sounds good, what works? That sounds easy, but there are so many good ones out there and they are all so different. There isn’t one thing you can point out and say-there, I have to do that and it will work. Too bad. So here I am, working diligently with my workshop homework and doing my best to stay positive. I can already tell that my query will be going in a different direction by the time I’m done with this-and that’s not a bad thing. I need the input and the help. I can’t wait to post it as “The query that got me an agent!”

Day 8 in the RAOK challenge. I didn’t leave the house today and that was awesome. I did offer to take my mom to her therapy session tomorrow so we could spend some time together, so I think that was my RAOK for today. I also cooked my daughter one of her favorite lunches while she worked on a geography report. Does that count? Since I didn’t leave the house and only Daughter was here, she was the recipient of it all-not so bad on her side!

What have you done today?


2 thoughts on “Finding the right voice – Day 8 of the RAOK Challenge

  1. I was the recipient of one today, I must admit, but I’ll try twice as hard tomorrow!

    Query writing is, like perfume shopping. You can write one you love, polish the heck out of it, and think it’s “the One,” but until it gets snorted up the right nose, you just don’t know.

    Like they say, this process of getting represented is a lot like finding a mate.

    And I didn’t get married till I was 28. Uh-oh.

    I’ll be pulling for you, and happy to feedback if you want it sometime!

    • Nathan, thanks. When I’m done with the query, I’ll send it off to you for some feedback. And I know what you mean about finding just the right person. I’m hoping it won’t take years, but I’m willing to try.
      And BTW, I didn’t get married till I was 28 either, so we both must be very picky and sure of ourselves!
      Thanks for following the blog!

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