Watch where you’re driving… Day 10 of the RAOK Challenge

It’s day 10…and it feels as if it’s been a month already. I’m trying to post every day, and trying to make sure I do something significant every day. It’s not difficult at all, but there are so many little things we do all day and do they count? Would we have done them anyway?

Today I spent the day driving my mother around. She’s still healing from surgery and can’t drive for another two weeks. She needed clothes, groceries, Aveda supplies, etc. It was a day of driving and chatting, fueled by too many stops at Starbuck’s. I walked slowly with her through the mall, and kept out of her way as she tried to maneuver the electronic scooter at Whole Foods. Those things can be dangerous if you’re not looking, she almost took out a cereal display. She walks with a cane and I was trying too hard to walk slowly behind her at the mall, but I’m so impatient (and caffeine fueled) that I gave her a flat tire, taking her shoe right off. Luckily, it was on the good leg or I would have felt like shit. She just laughed, thank goodness. She’s getting a better sense of humor as she ages.

As far as the “Perfect Query Quest,” I’m still working on the online  query workshop and it’s been quite enlightening. Today was the first day we were to write the first draft of the query and send it in for initial critique. Since I already had a query that has been beautifully rejected, I rewrote that one to the class specifications. We’ll see how that flies and go from there, but I am loving the research and rewrite process.

It’s a step-by-step process. After this, I hope I find a synopsis workshop. Anybody know of one?


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