RAOK Day 16, still going strong

It’s day 16 of the RAOK challenge. It’s become second nature to me now and I’m loving the wonderful feeling I get by helping others, giving things and essentially, just being nice. I’ve brought bread to a friend who hadn’t had it before (gluten-free and fabulous) driven my mom to her Dr. appt, therapy appt, Trader Joe’s, and more. So glad she’ll be able to drive at the end of the month, freeing me up to give to others now (sorry mom). I’ve made brownies and muffins, encouraged a friend, and even helped out my niece with her dog. It feels good to keep going. If you’ve signed on to the RAOK, don’t lose momentum, keep going. It gets easier as the month goes on, and it is a truly special way to be every day.

I’ve noticed that my choices are different these days. While jockeying for a parking space, I give it up a lot quicker now and consider it my RAOK for the day. I let someone go ahead of me in the cashier’s line and consider that my RAOK. They may not even know it, but I don’t care. It makes me feel good and I know I’ve just done something good for no reason.

On the writing front… I’ve graduated the query workshop with a fab query. It’s time to wrap up the first chapter, which needs a little reworking thanks to a friend’s advice. Once that’s done, it’s time to send out that stealth query and begin to entertain offers. Watch this spot for news of an offer- coming real soon…


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