The agents are the popular kids…and I’m the nerd

I’ve been feeling rather strange lately, but it’s quite familiar. While following agents on Twitter, reading agent blogs, commenting and trying to engage these wünderagents, I finally realized why I am feeling like I’m back middle school. Remember when you wanted to be one of the popular kids? You listened to their conversations and tried to jump in the conversation. You watched what they wore, how they talked, what they laughed about and then you tried it yourself, only to be shot down by a glare, snub, a whip of a ponytail as it swings away or the worst-ignoring you completely.

Well, I’m back there, right now. As I follow the uberagents on Twitter and listen in on their conversations with other agents, I realize it’s just like following the popular kids to the mall. Sometimes I get to hear what they eat or where they shop. I follow the agent blogs and try to learn how to be cool (which means how to be published in my updated version). I try to do the things they say in the blogs, write the query the right way, approach them the right way and maybe, if I get it right, I’ll get a nod or be accepted into the popular crowd (which now translates as an offer of representation).

I knew it felt familiar, it’s an unforgettable sensation. And with each rejection from an agent, I’m left standing by the lockers as the girls with silky blond hair (those cool, hip agents) walk by in slow mo with their hair flying and skirts swinging. I’m left watching them closely and hoping for a nod.

So, here’s to hoping I get asked to hang with the “cool” kids-those awesome agents-and break this code for good! With each query that goes out there, I have one more chance to walk the hall and swing my hair in slow mo!


10 thoughts on “The agents are the popular kids…and I’m the nerd

  1. You have such a way with words, and your level of eloquence is something I strive for. I think you are one of the cool kids. But, I too, often have these same feelings you describe. Keep at it and it will get easier. You have such a lovely style and authenticity, and it comes through in your posts AND tweets.

  2. The simple act of posting on my blog makes me feel this way. How much worse is the feeling when you are sending out queries?

    I wonder if this is why I choose to write novels instead of short stories. The process takes so long that it gives me plenty of time to “adjust to the new school”. Unlike short stories where your first assignment is giving a speech in front of the a full auditorium.

    I think you have just helped me isolate a fear fear that will need to be addressed.

    • Interesting. I don’t ever write short stories, I don’t think I can. But I can certainly understand the fear of acceptance. Thanks for understanding and good luck with your new class.

  3. Boy, I’m a pubbed writer and I confess I still feel this way. That nerdiness is ingrained! Still, agents for the most part are just like us: put one of them in a room full of writers, and they’re worrying about the same things.

    • Thanks so much for that. I’m glad I’m not the only one. And I’m sure they feel the same way in certain situations, we’re all human after all (but thanks for reminding me.) 🙂 Thanks for reading

  4. Wow, did this take me back! I’m not at the point of querying my novel yet, but I know what you mean — I’m still gearing up to walk into the cafeteria and see what happens when I ask the cool kids if I can sit at their table….

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