The Amazing 26 Blocks opens in Downtown Phoenix

Last night I attended the opening night of 26 Blocks, an art exhibition like no other. 26 photographers, 26 writers and one sculptor created a fabulous and inspiring exhibition. 26 pairs of writers and artists were created, given one city block in downtown Phoenix for inspiration, and told to create something. Photographers captured the beauty and quirkiness of Phoenix, while writers created everything from poetry, free thought, articles and more. The event was hoppin’, wine was served, people were talking and reading and having a ball.

Not only does this exhibit celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of Phoenix, but it makes me feel so glad to live in such an awesome place. Joey Robert Parks, who thought up the idea and ran with it, deserves a standing ovation for the tireless effort that paid off big time. Watch for Steve Dreiseszun, Scott Hermanson, Ed Sweet, Karen Werner and more. They are all so talented and I’m so glad they chose to participate. What a show!

The exhibition is at After Hours Gallery until May 30, Phoenix New Times has some great photos here, then watch for it as it travels the Valley of the Sun!


2 thoughts on “The Amazing 26 Blocks opens in Downtown Phoenix

  1. Thanks. I love visiting art galleries and seeing the way people express themselves. I have a few friends in this show and it was even more exciting. Since you’re not here in town, take a look at the photos, it was quite unique.

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