Look for the beauty in life, it’s definitely there

Remember the phrase, “Walk a mile in another man’s shoes,” and its meaning? (OK, that’s not exactly it, but you know what I mean.)  What I see there is a message of understanding and courage. A message of reevaluating your own life by taking a look at someone else’s life. I’ve done that recently and been reminded that all struggles are relative. My best friend, bless her heart, is going through another struggle that threatens her life. I won’t pile on the crap for you, I’ll just say that two years ago when she lost both breasts to cancer and endured months of chemotherapy and radiation, we thought she had been through it all. But for some reason, shit keeps falling. I don’t know why…but it does. Health issues for her young son followed and now infections that threaten her life and more surgery and hospital stays. What the heck?

Why am I telling you this? It’s simple- take the time to be happy. While sitting in the hospital with my friend, we talked about stupid stuff, we laughed and joked. We didn’t dwell on the IV or nausea but rather on the silly things people do, and more importantly the great feeling you get with a new pair of shoes. So my message is simple- Don’t fret over what someone said, whether you have the most updated technology, or whether that book is coming along fast enough. Does it make you happy to write? Then do it. Does it make you happy to be with your family? Then do that. Take time to see the beauty all around you and in the people you are with. Create the laughter, cherish the smiles, and be with people you love.

I was reminded of all this just this morning when I saw a beautiful post at Songs Kate Sang with a simple, precious photo of something most people would have passed by. Take the time to see the beauty. I know-this isn’t a new message, you’ve heard it before. Take time to smell the roses, blah, blah. But I’m serious. Take time to stroke your child’s hair, breath in slowly as you pass a rosebush, close your eyes and feel the breeze on your face. It’s all a rare and wonderful form of beauty.

My friend is out of the hospital and home with her family. She’s cancer-free and I believe she will stay that way. She sees the beauty in life and I see the beauty in her.

Have a great day and make the most of it!


2 thoughts on “Look for the beauty in life, it’s definitely there

  1. I see the beauty in you, my friend.
    Thanks for the link to Kate’s page. The photo was beautiful. Nature is subtle and yet is such a powerful reminder of why we are designed to be stewards.

  2. Thanks for that. Your poetry is beautiful. I have never really read poetry, not knowing much about it. It’s been a rare pleasure to get to know you, and appreciate your poetry. It’s truly beautiful and I’ve been awakened to poetry’s beauty by you.

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