The Ultimate Writer’s Truth

It's the heat that's draggin' me down

Here in AZ it gets very hard to think once it gets above 100 degrees. Just a few days ago it was 110! My energy wanes and my motivation sags when it gets that hot. I try to spend more time working since going outside is not an option unless I have to, but my energy level is at an all-time low. Type…yeah, whatever. Twitter…not much to say. Blog post…I’ll think of something. But honestly, I’m the same person I was when it was 80 degrees and beautiful out there, right? I realized that although I may be more tired from the heat, it’s a good excuse for not writing. At least I thought so, until I realized the ultimate writer’s truth…

There is no excuse for not writing. Period.

Too hot, too tired, too fat, too blocked, too busy, etc. We have them all. When it’s beautiful outside I can’t write because I want to go outside. When it’s hot outside I can’t write because I’m exhausted from the heat. Bullshit! There is no excuse, just do it. I’m writing and editing now after kicking myself in the ass.

What excuses do you use? What do you do to get around those excuses? I have a friend who leaves his house and sits in a hotel lobby a few nights a week. It helps him get away and concentrate. I envy him, but I could do the same thing, couldn’t I? And I think I will, or I’ll continue to get up early, before it’s hot out, and write then. Whatever it takes…that’s the call of the writer!


6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Writer’s Truth

  1. I have a lot of family in the Phoenix area so I know what you’re talkin’ ’bout! I’m in NM and we had a heat wave this past week of 100-105 which is really hot for us (swamp coolers and fans). I started going to the little local library a few months ago and after a few times I got more used to it. I found me a back corner and it’s great! No distractions, no family interrupting, no phones, no email. I get so much more done. Plus it’s air-conditioned. Try it! 🙂

  2. Gardening is my excuse.

    Since it is boiling hot by 10 am in Florida gardening must be done early and as the first order of business every day. Of course this also requires a shower when your done and you realize it is not the compost that is drawing the flies.

    After cleaning up it is time for a bit of lunch. Of course you have to clean the kitchen after that and take care of any little nagging choirs hanging around the house – like dust and feeding the pets.

    By the time all these little choirs add up it is time to spread a little evening water on that freshly tilled soil. As the temperature cools how can you resist the blooms and fruits of your labor. After 30 minutes or more on the garden bench, it is back in the house to start the dinner routine.

    Somewhere around 8 pm all things are finished. To be honest, by then I’m just plum tuckered out and too tired to write.

    So I blame it all on my garden. But what a lovely excuse it is!

    • What a lovely excuse, and you’ve got something to show for it too. Pretty smart. I remember living in Florida and hating the need to take more than one shower per day after going outside. Thanks for the reminder.

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