A crappy necklace and how it made me so happy

Yes, she wore it to lunch!

I had lunch with Mom today. We’ve decided, after all these years, to make Sundays our day together and I look forward to it. Lunch, breakfast, shopping, whatever we want to do. Sometimes my daughter comes with us, sometimes (like today) she decides to sleep late as any respectable teenager would.

Mom loves me, I know that. One thing we all know (or the lucky ones, at least) is that our moms love us unconditionally. It’s a great feeling and something I cherish. Today, Mom showed up at my house with a dorky necklace on – a macramé choker type with a large pendant with an owl stamped on it. My comment…”Hey, the ’70s called and it wants your necklace back.” Ha, I crack myself up. Even my husband chuckled.

“You made this for me when you were 13, don’t you remember?” Mom stroked the owl affectionately. “I found it in my jewelry box and I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now. Isn’t it great?”

Well, it’s cute. It’s primitive and I remember I was in a massive macramé stage in my teens. I made lots of plant hangers for my grandmother, who used them all in her lovely sunroom in Florida. Surprisingly, they were used on the wonderful, bushy overgrown plants. I remember making a yellow plant hanger with big green beads. Oh, was I talented! Grandma is gone now, and so are the plant hangers.

I can’t tell you how cool it was to see mom standing there with that necklace on. I hugged her, a little too hard probably. But it touched my heart that she saved it all these years. My mom is so cool!


8 thoughts on “A crappy necklace and how it made me so happy

  1. Your mom is so great to do that. I think that is why moms are so amazing. No matter what they always are there for you and make you feel special in the simplest ways.

    My mom has done something similar for me where she has worn some of the silliest necklaces my brother and I had made her when we were both extremely young (as in still in single digits).

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