New Beginnings

There are a few wonderful, new beginnings in my life right now and it can be a little overwhelming, but beautiful. I’m a lucky person to be living this grand life.

1. My daughter, only 14, is taking her first college class today. Yeah, I know I’ve talked about this with everyone, but it’s a big deal to me. This means she’s growing up and doesn’t need me as much. That’s a great thing, and a sad thing, at the same time. I know she’ll do a great job and I know for a fact I’m sweating it and she’s cool as Fonzie (someone she’s never heard of!).

2. We are starting our first year of high school homeschooling this year. This means a lot more work and a lot less socializing, for both of us. We are trying to get into a routine that works for us so that Daughter gets all her schoolwork done, I get my writing done, and we still have time to hang out with friends and watch movies. That ain’t easy, people. But we’re trying.

3. Husband wants to retire soon. Say what? Yes, you heard me. That means he’ll be home more often (unless he’s on a consulting job for most of the week) and that means changing things around once again. We’ll do fine, but it’s another big change…

4. My niece is getting married! Yipee! I’m so pleased for her and so happy that she’s found someone who is loving, caring, and adorable. I envy them the new beginnings that await them and can’t wait to see them go through it all.

5. My niece (a different one, I have 9) just had a baby boy. He’s adorable and I wish them the best. She’s a young mom and will need all the help she can get, but once again I remember how sweet and cuddly little ones can be. Mine are grown and I miss that age (although not the diapers).

6. Finally, the new beginning of a writing schedule for me. I must get my ass in gear if I’m going to finish this book. That means no more excuses (and you’ve heard them all by now, haven’t you?). Of course, excuses for not writing just make me a real writer, right? (say yes, please)

New beginnings are fabulous and I welcome them at every opportunity. Each day is a new beginning, a new chance to “get it right.” What new beginnings are you facing?


4 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. What amazing and wonderful new beginnings. But remember that for all these things that change, there are still those things that remain the same. The status quo often is what keeps us balanced and in tune in this ever-changing thing called life.

    You are such an inspiration to me, to keep moving forward and enjoying all the new things that come about as our children grow up while remembering that we too, as moms, have a life separate from our children that still needs to be nurtured.

    Thank you for sharing your insight and expertise!

  2. It’s hard to remember sometimes how wonderful our lives can be. I cherish new beginnings, although sometimes I miss the “old.” But there are many constants in my life as well, such as good friends, a wonderful husband and the freedom to do the things I want to do. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Your post is timely. Many of my writer friends have commented this week on how they feel a change in the air that inspired them to start new projects. When I felt that renewed energy I seized the moment and used it to evaluate my schedule and plan toward a stronger year. Unfortunately, I wasted much of last year drifting in the doldrums of writer insecurity.

    My list of fresh starts.
    1. Last week I began to plan a new novel that I’ll start in November.
    2. I’ve reduced the amount of time I spend blogging.
    3. In February I’ll begin the first round of editing on the MS I wrote last year.
    4. In September I’ll be following along with a DIY MFA a fellow blogger is putting together, so that the time I spend studying writing has a constructive outcome.

    You must be so proud of your daughter. Her success and positive attitude is a reflection of her mother. I browsed her Deviant Art page, even her drawings smile!

    • Sounds like you’ve got a lot of new beginnings planned. DIY MFA? Sounds intriguing. Good luck with that! And thanks for your support and motivation, as well as lovely poetry!

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