Four more days, time to change

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Four more days to Nanowrimo. Yes, I know there are plenty of sites you can hit that will give you the rundown on how to outline, how to spend your time, how to organize your thoughts and get your 1,667 words per day. You could actually spend all your time reading about how to do it, rather than actually doing it. So, I’m not here to give you that kind of advice.

I’m here to tell you to just do it. I had written what I thought was a great outline for my next Nano Novel and today, just four days before the big start, I’ve decided it’s crap. I need to rewrite and research a little more before starting. Big mistake? Not really. This just means I’ve been mulling it over in my head and I need to revise. What will I do on Nov. 1st if I’m not done? Just do it…simple as that.

My advice to you is don’t make any excuses…change what you must, do what you need to do, wake up early, whatever. Just do it. If you sign up to do it, you can do it. There must be something in your brain that told you to do this, so don’t back out now, even if you’re first outline is crap (sounds familiar). Go for it!

Oh, and stock up on that leftover Halloween candy. Chocolate makes late-night writing oh so much easier to handle. Better yet, buy your own chocolate…the good stuff, you deserve it!



8 thoughts on “Four more days, time to change

  1. Oooh, I may have to make a See’s run myself. I was thinking Godiva, but I think I like See’s even better. I’ll be careful to ration it out, I can only have chocolate if I’m writing. What a great incentive! Don’t be nervous, you can do it. You’re a powerful, dedicated writer…

  2. oh, those chocolates are making me drool…
    it’s my first nano and I haven’t plotted a thing…I’m just not a plotting type of gal. I have a vague inkling in my head…but really until I start writing how can I know? Until the characters develop, how do I know who they are? If I don’t know who they are then how can I say now what they are going to do?
    Ok, I know I sound scatty and I should have something….hopefully I will.
    But I’ve never done this before so I am just going to play with it- if it’s a flop well I will have learned something.
    I’m really hoping that the nano experience will stick and if I can do it in November well then why not December (ok, I’ll be a bit burnt out then) or January or March?
    And as I say, the gist of it is in my head so … bring it on!
    Thanks for the follow by the way & I’ll add you to my fellow NaNoWriMo-ers list!
    Best wishes,

    • I have found that doing some sort of outline gives me an idea of where the story can go. It’s not something that has to be concrete and can’t be changed. It’s a way of sorting out ideas for direction, and character. If you’re more of a pantser, then that won’t work, of course. Good luck on your first #nano, you’ll do great. Just don’t overthink it. Remind yourself that anything can be changed after the deadline, just keep going (and keep that chocolate stash full!)

  3. I am very much liking your idea of NaNo preparation – get the choccies in! Hallowe’en candy is so gross here that I might skip that and go straight to some Cadbury’s I already have in the house but NaNo might call for some Green and Black’s.

    What a star Marisa is for being so selfless and supporting us all with some empathetic chocolate consumption. She rocks! All the best for NaNo to you.

    • Kath, I agree. I think Green and Black’s could be the ticket, or See’s. And Marisa is a doll for supporting us! Good luck to you also, let me know how you’re doing in your nano quest!

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