NaNo Writers: Start Your Computers!

It’s Day One of Nanowrimo and I can hear the clickety click of keyboards across the world as novels come to life this morning. I can even hear it as close as 5 feet away as my daughter works on her novel this year. Me? I’m writing this blog first, then clicking out the first 2,000 words or so of Nano Novel Number 2.

I could give you all kinds of advice about how to write, how to organize, etc. But what I think I’ll do instead is repeat my original advice…just do it  (and have chocolate handy) and point you in the direction of some great sites with advice.

Today’s site is A. Victoria Mixon’s, which lists her 6 Golden Rules of NaNoWriMo.

Check back tomorrow and let me know if you’ve found a site that’s helped you in your NaNo Quest.


4 thoughts on “NaNo Writers: Start Your Computers!

  1. Well, I at least got a little more than 1,000 words put together. I forgot, saw the time, and figured I could write for an hour.

    I’m a little worried that I’ll be out of town this weekend, but hopefully can catch up later, or try to write more ahead of time.

    I just hope I don’t wake up every day and say, “shoot I forgot again.”

    • There is no set schedule to do this, just do it when you can. Trust me, you won’t forget too many times since the stress toward the end of the month will keep you up at night worrying (just kidding). 1K already and it’s not even 10 a.m.? Very impressive!

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