Taking the day off

I’m not writing about writing today. I’m not writing today, I’m not even reading today (gasp!) I spent the morning (early, wayyyyy early) at a charity yard sale with the teen/tween kids in our homeschool group. It was a long day of overseeing the kids, drinking coffee and trading my junk for other people’s junk.

This afternoon, I’m getting ready for a party I’ll be throwing tomorrow. This means I’m cutting cheese squares, skewering little tomatoes, basil leaves and the cheese and lining them nicely on a tray. (Tomorrow, we use the new tray I got at the yard sale!) I’m also bringing wine, crackers, olives, etc. No, I’m not taking a break to read, and this is my only jump on to the Internet and the computer for the day.

Taking the day off, away from the computer, writing, books, etc. can be quite peaceful.  I don’t feel as if I’m missing something because I gave myself permission. OK, I did get a few books at the yard sale including Pride & Prejudice, Once and Future King and Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. I couldn’t help myself, the price was right. But I’m not going to read them today.

Do you ever take the day off? Give yourself permission to take time to yourself, do what you want to do and don’t worry about not getting any work done? It will still be there tomorrow. (If you’re right in the throes of nanowrimo, get some writing done in the morning and then walk away for the rest of the day.)

I’ll be back tomorrow!


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