What the season looks like around here

He comes every year bringing gifts to children. Ok, he took them first but don't be a spoil sport!

We all have a certain way we like to celebrate the holidays. Hanukkah is over (it was early this year), the driedels are done spinning and the kugel is all gone. Christmas is inching its way up and frantic shopping is the name of the game for most people.

But what does it really mean, this holiday thing? No, this is not a religious post at all, get your hands away from that X. No clicking just yet-what I mean is this… What does it mean each year to decorate your home, put up lights, listen to carols, etc? Why do you do it? We were never a very religious family, so instead, to us it meant spending time with family, making time to spend with friends over coffee, cooking something special for someone you love, wrapping just the right gift, etc.

I love decorating my home with things my children have made, decorations my nieces made and also things that remind me of  my family. I love walking around the house and being greeted by the Grinch or Santa as I turn the corner (and no, I’m not talking about my husband!).  Sure, these are not from the Martha Stewart decoration collection. But screw her, I don’t have an army of helpers or a million dollars. But what I do have is sentimentality, a love of family and a great camera… So, I thought I’d share a few just to get you in the mood too! Enjoy!

Yes, we're Greek. That means hanging the goofiest-looking Greek ornament we can find.

What? You don't have a pickle hidden in your tree every year? Seriously?

What are the holidays without a drink or two? Celebrate!

However you celebrate the season, do it right. Spend time with family, take the time to laugh, play a game with your kids, have a drink with friends or even read a book you’ve been wanting to read for months. You deserve it!


4 thoughts on “What the season looks like around here

  1. You’ve got the correct frame of mind. It’s not all the trappings, it’s the memories they hold and the joy they bring out in all who see them. I wish you a happy holiday season filled with lots of laughter, great joy and memories to last a lifetime.

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  3. I loved the photos of your ‘unusual’ decorations. And that really sums up the meaning of the holidays for each individual family. Bonding over rituals that are unique to each family. One of my favorite moments of the holiday each year is laughing together at the silly randomness of some of our ornaments – the tacky dishscrubber with glitter on it (goes on the BACK of the tree, for fun) the ‘genie’, the giraffe, the poor conditon of the almost headless cardboard angels that came out of a ‘Cheer’ detergent box when I was 3, the picture ornaments of my various toothless children with funny haircuts…those are the things that make the holiday what it should be.

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