My life is better with the soundtrack


Marilyn Monroe didn't need background music, but I do!

Ever notice how even the most mundane activity can seem so special in a movie? Most probably, it’s the music in the background. Take a walk in the park, it’s quite nice. Now take that walk with a lovely Parisian song in the background. Special, huh?


What about cooking dinner? We do it most every night, but if we do it with some jazz in the background, it becomes a special experience. If we do it with upbeat music it’s a playful activity, or with slow, classical music it’s a labor of love.

Which brings me to my point (yes, I have one). What is the soundtrack to your life? For me, it’s filled with quiet music these days. Lovely soft tunes that make everything seem sweet, special and low-key. While making dinner I listen to Jack Johnson and it becomes a family affair. While folding laundry I listen to Quartetto Gelato and tell myself it’s somehow continental and intriguing, not boring and tedious.

Think about it, during those sad moments in your life, wouldn’t it have been great to have had a sad ballad in the background? The growing, swelling of the violins as you sobbed and hugged someone? The triumphant, upbeat sounds as you walked away after quitting that fucking job? Put on those red heels and your little black dress and imagine the music that would make it all shimmer. Would it be badass or classical?

So, basically, I am living my life with a soundtrack in my head. And in the same way, as I write I hear the soundtrack playing for each scene. I have compiled a playlist for the book that brings together the sounds of anger, happiness and suspense that defines the main character throughout the story. This is, of course, different from the soundtrack for my life.

What’s on your playlist?



4 thoughts on “My life is better with the soundtrack

  1. I love music! I think I really appreciate it because I can’t sing or dance! I feel truly blessed to able to listen to the musicians who give their gift to the world. Like you, it depends on what I’m doing and more over, my mood at the moment to select the soundtrack I liked to hear. I have a couple favorites I listen to more often; one of them being Norah Jones. I love her songs, the lyrics and her beautiful raspy voice.

    • I went through a Nora Jones phase a few years ago and couldn’t get enough of her lovely voice. I still listen, just not every day. It’s interesting how music fills your life at just the right time with just what you need. I think I needed her mellowness at the time. Thanks for reminding me of that.

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