What I won’t be doing next year…

Imagine a better year than last year!

Ah, time again for resolutions. Like most people, I tend to make the same resolutions every year. I come close to accomplishing what I want, but never quite make it. But this year is different…I am resolving NOT to do things instead.

Firstly, I resolve NOT to lose weight. Don’t we all resolve to lose weight every year and feel like crap when we don’t do it? Well, this year I did it. I lost the weight and have kept it off for six months. What I won’t be doing this year is resolving to lose weight. That ship has sailed.

Secondly, I will NOT make any more excuses for not writing. There are none, period. Sure, I could be reading, watching a movie, cleaning, etc. But if any of these work, then I can’t honestly call myself a serious writer, can I? Staying up late and waking up early to write are what it’s all about. Therefore, I will NOT make any more excuses.

Thirdly, I will NOT spend my free time browsing the Internet with abandon. It’s amazing how much time gets sucked from my life by this seemingly innocent hobby. See resolution numbers two and five to find out what I’ll be doing with my time instead. This includes Facebook and Twitter.

Next, I will NOT forget to post on both of my blogs in a timely manner. I love doing it, but seem to find other things to do instead. Yes, I’m on the Internet, but no, I don’t have anything to say. How can that be? This blog, along with Gluten Free in AZ and my Facebook page/gluten free in AZ, are very close to my heart and therefore will get the lion’s share of my Internet attention.

Finally, I will NOT waste a minute of time that I could be spending with my girl. She will be a full-fledged adult very soon and will have many other things (and more interesting people) to occupy her time. If she wants to spend time with me, I will NOT pass up that chance. This is something I have always tried to do and will make sure this one never changes.

Wishing you a lovely year of changes, love and peace. What will you NOT be doing this year?


4 thoughts on “What I won’t be doing next year…

  1. I won’t be joining a gym and working out religiously. Frankly, it takes too much time and bores me silly. I will try to get out and walk more, enjoying nature as I do. But I don’t resolve to do that, either. 😉

  2. Perfect! Then you won’t be disappointed or bored. I won’t be going to the gym either and will just walk more…although you’re right, I won’t resolve to do it! Have a great new year!

  3. All wonderful things NOT to be doing! I’ll have to think of things I’ll ‘not’ do. One things I’m definitely NOT doing is getting sucked into other people’s drama (especially when those people are my family).

    Now to think of other things I’ll NOT do!

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