It’s time to take out the editing chainsaw

Time to clear out the damage and move on...

This is my lovely Ficus, which I have come to realize is a lot like my book. This beautiful tree was healthy, a bit overgrown and a favorite hangout for the cat to lounge under when the weather was warm and sweet. As you can see, a hard frost on New Year’s Day did some damage to my green friend.

My book is a first draft and somewhat healthy. Lately, just like my cat, I have taken to lounging around it. After seeing the damage to the tree, it dawned on me that I am also hurting the book by sitting around it and letting it become stale in my mind. It is browning at the edges and crying out for a trim.

Nature has found a way to open my eyes and get my ass in gear. This tree will need a gentle, expert trim in order to survive and look even more lovely than before.  And it’s time for me to get up from under my tree, take out that editing chainsaw and give that book the trim it deserves. It’s time to clear out the dead dialogue, remove the unnecessary adverbs and adjectives, and reveal the gem underneath.

Stand back.


2 thoughts on “It’s time to take out the editing chainsaw

  1. Will we soon need to start calling you Valerie Scissorhands or something like that? Could be the title of a good book 😉 !

    Isn’t it interesting how you can edit as your profession but for your book you have to get that motivation going even though you know how to do it. Get that red pen out and get ta’ bleedin’ on that manuscript!

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