Out of touch and feeling lost…

Wow, taking care of someone who had surgery can take more time than I imagined. Couple that with a homeschooled teenager and you’ve got a recipe for stress. I hadn’t realized that it had been this long since I posted.

What makes me even more sad is that I’ve done very little editing and writing in that time. I keep saying I’ll get to it tomorrow when I have time…you know the drill. Then tomorrow comes and I’ve got more responsibilities. This means I haven’t gotten much done and only managed to grab about 30 minutes or so, which doesn’t really help much. That’s just enough time to find out just where I was the last time I sat here. My tea doesn’t even get cold!

What are your strategies for keeping connected and not losing track? I know I can make the time with more effort, but I lose my connection to the story and the work. That means I need even more effort to kick my own ass back in there. Any suggestions aside from, “Just do it, you idiot!”


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