It takes a village

Yes, we’ve all heard the phrase, “It takes a village” with regard to raising a child. Take it from me, it’s true. We need help in that arena every day and it’s much easier with aid from family, friends, etc. But what about writing your novel? Can you do that alone?

Yes, writers spend a lot of time sitting alone in front of a computer screen (even if it is outside on a beautiful patio overlooking a pool), but I firmly believe that writing anything, whether it’s a novel, essay, article, column, etc. is greatly enhanced by outside help. Twitter friends have helped me through slumps, writer friends have helped me work out kinks in a story and agents online have shown me in which direction to go when I’m lost.

I know that I wouldn’t be as confident as I am with the work I’ve been doing lately without the great insight I’ve received from authors, agents and writers on the Internet. So, what I have been reading lately that has helped so much, you may be asking yourself? Check out a few below and see. has a great email newsletter that gives me incredible insight at times. Just when I need a kick in the butt or a little advice, it’s right there. Recently, an article by Jane Lebak plopped into my inbox titled “Vanilla is under-rated.” Just when I was asking myself why I thought my book was any different from the thousands already out there, Jane’s wisdom points out that the only way it will be different is if I add a little extra. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

Roz Morris always has a bit of interesting advice in her “Nail Your Novel” posts. I appreciate that it’s not fluff or crap I immediately delete when I see it (yes, I need to delete some of these writers I follow who feel that a blog post is just a note about what they are wearing that day or what they’ve eaten all week). I appreciate the craft advice, POV ideas, etc. and always find some tidbit of info I didn’t know I needed.

Amanda Hoving writes a blog titled “Amanda’s Wrinkled Pages.” (I wish I’d thought of that title for mine, I love it) One day I found a post in my inbox that stated, in large red type “Don’t Be a Coward, Sit Down and Write!” Wow, that was just what I needed to hear and at just the right time. There was more to it, but that part really stuck with me. Thanks, Amanda!

What blogs do you read that have been helpful? I’m always looking for inspiration and motivation. Is your blog motivating? Point me in the right direction, it’s gonna take an entire village, city, state and continent to get this baby finished!