Writing funks are fattening

Comfort food keeps me from writing

I’m in a writing funk and we all know what that means…I eat. So far, I’ve made homemade caramel corn (drizzled with chocolate, no less), pasta with grilled mushrooms and toasted pine nuts, roasted beet and beet green salad with truffle oil, and lots of snickerdoodles, spinach quiches and just plain old dark chocolate. What the heck?

Normally, I’m busy writing and grab a little mozzarella/tomato salad or yogurt, but when I’m in a funk and not writing, I find that cooking fills the void (in my time and loose jeans). Now, I’m 5 lbs heavier and 0 pages further in my WIP. So, it’s time to get back to writing, buy more yogurt and get to work.

On top of that, I’m not the easiest person to live with to begin with, but when I’m gaining weight, eating chocolate, and not working…stand back. The best anyone can do in this situation is give me space (and chocolate) until the funk is over.

So, I’m sure you were wondering where I was and now you know. And with any luck, that muffin top will be gone and I’ll be further ahead in my project, which will make us all happy. Now, where is that bag of Ghiradelli dark-chocolate squares?


Hiding under a chair isn’t always a bad thing

We’ve been trying to introduce our cat to our two dogs for a long, long time. One dog is fine, the other goes batshit when he sees the cat. Some people have told us to just leave them be and they’ll work it out. But when we tried that, the dog nipped at the cat. Do I still leave them together?

Relaxing before hiding

This morning, I just didn’t have the heart to tell the cat to go outside when the dogs got up for breakfast. She’s always so peaceful in the morning (while the dogs are still in their crate.) So, I let her stay in the family room. The dogs ran out, ate their food and went outside to look for the cat. Nothing… they searched everywhere, but no cat. They came back in, wandered the house and finally settled, never knowing the cat was in the same room, just under a chair. Yes, it was risky, but at least she was happy and they weren’t bothering her.

Eventually, the cat wandered outside without the dogs even seeing her. It was a peaceful morning without barking or chasing anything. Lesson learned, sometimes hiding under a chair isn’t such a bad thing. It may just be the answer.


Finally, a room of my own…just like Ms. Woolf suggested

Use your imagination... my new writing shed!

Use your imagination…this is a shed in my backyard right now. It’s being used for storage, but it has electricity, lights, drywall and a phone line. Soon, after a new coat of paint and a small air conditioner, it will be my new writing shed. I’m so excited! Notice a resemblance?

Ms. Woolf's writing shed

This is Virginia Woolf’s writing shed. Ok, mine’s a little more overgrown, but that will be easily remedied. Once it’s all fixed up, I’ll post photos of the inside and cleaned-up landscaping. For now, I’m anticipating a wonderful, small, secluded place to write and hibernate if I please. I’ve found just the large, comfy chair I want to start me off. What else? Book cases and a desk, that’s it.

Roald Dahl had one too, with much less vegetation!


Celebrating the success of others

Cheers to you, Ladies!

So many great things are happening for writers I have been following lately, it’s quite encouraging and exciting. Allow me to take a minute and pat them on the back:

C.J. Redwine has sold her book! And not only that, it’s a three-book deal. I’m so excited for her. Check it out here on her blog. I took one of her query-writing classes and learned so much. It’s so very helpful to have someone critique your query and pitch, especially if they have not read the book. I also have a soft spot in my heart for C.J. since I’ve been able to share in her journey to China on her blog as she adopted her daughter. I have two beautiful daughters from China and it was so nice to relive that joy once again with her.

Rebecca Cantrell has published the third book in her Hannah Vogel series, A Game of Lies. Brilliant! I was hooked on this series after first hearing about it on Twitter. I quickly started following Rebecca and have since had a chance to meet her as she traveled the country on a book tour. Lucky me! She’s a warm, intelligent person who can also write. Complete package! Check out the series, it’s a wonderful, intriguing and well-written series. I blogged about her before, here.

Kathy Cano-Murillo’s first book, Waking up in the Land of Glitter, was a huge success and she’s followed it up with another book, Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing, all based on what she knows best-crafting. She’s built a crafting empire (Crafty Chica) doing what she loves. How great is that? I have followed her career since I worked at the newspaper years ago and loved reading her stories. She started her own business, then was approached to write a book. Not only is she a wonderful writer and creative person, but she has always been willing to answer questions about writing, plot, etc. from an amateur like me. Thanks Kathy!

That’s it for now. I’ve got a lot more, but these three are on top right now. It’s inspiring to see them succeed, and gives me the courage and determination to continue on my quest. (Plus, my envy creates a strong, valuable amount of rage that I can tap into if I need it. OK, there, I said it!) Thanks Ladies!

Death, comedy and Edith Piaf

In a brilliant turn of events, a wonderful plot and story came to me in a daydream…in a what-if moment. I couldn’t stop myself from starting the story, outlining the characters and starting my research. It may be a little macabre and different, but I’m counting on the fact that it’s different and something I am totally loving at every turn.

I’ve heard that writers have to be realistic that their first endeavors may not be their best work. Well, I still think my first and second are good, but this is very inspiring for me.

I’ll let you in on more detail as I go along, but let’s just say there is death, comedy, travel and Edith Piaf in there. Intrigued yet?