Hiding under a chair isn’t always a bad thing

We’ve been trying to introduce our cat to our two dogs for a long, long time. One dog is fine, the other goes batshit when he sees the cat. Some people have told us to just leave them be and they’ll work it out. But when we tried that, the dog nipped at the cat. Do I still leave them together?

Relaxing before hiding

This morning, I just didn’t have the heart to tell the cat to go outside when the dogs got up for breakfast. She’s always so peaceful in the morning (while the dogs are still in their crate.) So, I let her stay in the family room. The dogs ran out, ate their food and went outside to look for the cat. Nothing… they searched everywhere, but no cat. They came back in, wandered the house and finally settled, never knowing the cat was in the same room, just under a chair. Yes, it was risky, but at least she was happy and they weren’t bothering her.

Eventually, the cat wandered outside without the dogs even seeing her. It was a peaceful morning without barking or chasing anything. Lesson learned, sometimes hiding under a chair isn’t such a bad thing. It may just be the answer.



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