Thanks for the warning, Netflix.

Ok, we’ve all heard the news by now. Netflix has now split into two factions, giving us two separate accounts to navigate instead of one. Not only that, it’s now costing me twice as much as it has for the past few years. OK, I get that everyone needs to make money, and that we must all change with technology and it’s soaring changes. But when it messes with my nights, my access to quirky British comedies and my late-night movies, I get cranky.

If you want more money, just charge more in increments. Let me get used to it slowly. I don’t want the shock. If you’re breaking up with me, take me out to dinner and let me down easy, don’t just text me, “I’m gone, we’re split.” Give a girl a heads up for Christ’s sake.

So thanks Netflix for bringing me down and making me choose again. If I want what I’ve had all this time, I must pay much, much more. Thanks for making me reevaluate my expenses and the time I spend watching streaming vs. DVDs. And thanks for making me realize that it could have been a text…or is that coming later?



4 thoughts on “Thanks for the warning, Netflix.

  1. Woman, you make me laugh. Go check out Amazon Prime. I think you can get your Doctor Who fix there cheaper. I really think these companies need to understand that just because they have the technology to do it, sweeping changes are not the way to go. Just look at Facebook and OnStar’s faux pas. Or Mozilla, for underlining “faux” and telling me it’s misspelled. I know it’s not because I Googled it. Wait, now you’re underlining “Googled”? I realize it’s not a verb in any other dictionary than the Urban kind, but get with the times already. I mean, for heaven’s sake, you’re a group of geeks, surely you can Google the term Googled.

    • Seriously! Thanks for the pat on the back. It really is frustrating. We’re teaching a Movie Lit class this semester and getting the movies on DVD is the only way to have them for the class, most of them are not livestream available, which means I end up paying up the big bucks. I’m so ready to drop the class and the cash…thanks for the heads up on Amazon Prime, I’m going to check it out.

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