At least it’s not the plague

I’m knee-deep in research for the WIP and this leads me to try and find a deadly plague that works with my timeline (late 1700s)  and setting (Europe). Not so easy since I want this to be believable enough but also work with my story. After considering Russia, Germany or France, I’ve decided on a time and place (you’ll have to read it to find out). But now comes the research of the actual symptoms and oh my, that was a nasty business.

So many people died, and such an awful death. The best that can be said for it is that it was quick. Dead within a week (Ok, a long and painful week with swelling, fever, delirium, pain), or within hours with the pneumonic version (sounds good after the bubonic version). Lovely huh? And, your entire family was probably going with you.

Downer, right? But at the start of this new year as I ponder all the wonderful things I want to do and all the great things I have planned for family and career, it’s a great comfort to know that we’re not going through a plague, right? (I’m trying to be positive…it’s a resolution) So, my new mantra is…”at least it’s not the plague.” How does that work?

Oy, my back hurts…at least it’s not the plague.

Damn, I can’t sleep…at least it’s not the plague.

I can’t find my muse and I’m stuck on a storyline…at least it’s not the plague.

I feel better already.


2 thoughts on “At least it’s not the plague

  1. Maybe you can make up a fun song all the children will sing for eons. It’s not really a plague until we can sing about it and have a fun game to go with it. (as if writing a book isn’t hard enough, now I want you to compose a song. And you may as well do a YouTube video too while you’re at it.)

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