Creating Memories for a Lifetime

A wall of magazine covers may not seem like a big deal, but to a young girl, it’s the beginning of dreams, stories, and memories. How? I mentioned a new app for Life magazine cover art recently and a sweet story emerged from a lovely lady I didn’t know too well, until now. She reminisced about how her family was the last one on the block to have a TV. Instead, her father cleared a wall in the living room and pasted the covers of Life magazine and The Saturday Evening Post on the entire wall until it was completely covered. Norman Rockwell art, photos of President Kennedy, fashion photos, black and white shots frozen in time.

This was the wall the family looked at every day, finding something new to talk about and wonder about each day. It was colorful and a conversation starter for anyone who entered their house. It is something she still thinks about these many years later, long after both of her parents have passed away.

Why did he do it? She didn’t remember. She only knew that he resisted getting the television, fearing it would separate the family and bring about too much solitude. He loved family conversations, loved the discussions the covers generated, even stories made up to the Norman Rockwell paintings on the Post covers. Eventually, he gave in and the television was brought in and placed against a wall in the same room as the magazine wall.

The TV wall became the focal point from then on. “I don’t remember looking at the magazine wall after that,” she said. “Instead, we sat around the TV. I didn’t realize the importance or significance of the magazine wall until I was much older. Even now, I miss it. I think it made him sad that we didn’t look at it anymore.”

What a beautiful memory, and a creative way for a father to connect with his kids. I wish I had known him.

And now I want a magazine wall…


4 thoughts on “Creating Memories for a Lifetime

  1. I love this story so much. It’s sad that some of the most meaningful lessons we are taught in life occur when we’re far too young to process their significance. I love the idea of a magazine wall though 🙂

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