You can laugh or cry or get a facelift

So proud of my husband, who spent the weekend working with homeless veterans during Stand Down Arizona. He loves to volunteer at the VA hospital and work with veterans. He served during the Vietnam War.

Yes, he’s gray and yes, he’s just about to retire-not a spring chicken, for sure. But three times this weekend while working with the veterans, he was asked if he served in the Korean War. Ha, that would make him about 80 years old now, right?

What a hoot. But what I love about him is that he found it funny and laughed every time. Men are funny that way, aren’t they? Now of course, being a woman I don’t think I would have found it that funny if people thought I was 25 years older than I was. Would you? I would be watching the Lifestyle Lift commercial with the phone in my hand. That would be right after I bought every toning cream in Macy’s, finally found the Spanx aisle and googled Botox.

But it’s all how you look at it, isn’t it? He laughed, just laughed. No reason to get upset, no reason to feel bad. He’s a confident man who is secure and happy with his looks, for an old man.


3 thoughts on “You can laugh or cry or get a facelift

  1. Laughing is always the best part of anything that comes near how we look. I’m such a klutz that I learned that if you’re the first one to laugh at yourself, everyone else has no other choice but to laugh WITH you. And your old man is one of the nicest Korean War vets I’ve ever met. 😉

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