How Jim Rash got noticed…Angelina style

Once again, the Oscar telecast was boring and a bit predictable. I wasn’t even intrigued by JLo’s alleged nip slip. No, what I loved were the two scene grabbers on stage. First up, the lovely and poised Angelina Jolie. As she walked the red carpet, Jolie was careful to pose with her right leg outstretched in order to give everyone a gander at her glorious gam. It got old fast, don’t you think? Once or twice and it would have been classy and lovely. After a bit, it became in-your-face camera candy. Not one to shy away from the spotlight, she pulled it off with a smile while on stage presenting.

Enter Jim Rash, one of three winners for the best adapted screenplay for “The Descendants.” He knew that another winner, Alexander Payne, would be accepting the award if they won and wanted to get noticed (who wouldn’t want to when it’s your one big chance on that stage?) But how? He quickly popped out his right leg and put his left hand on his hip a la Jolie. Bam! All eyes were on him. I don’t even remember what his buddy Alexander was saying. All I could do was watch his brilliance. Not only was the pose a brilliant way to get the spotlight, but it did something nobody else was willing to do, mock Angelina for her silly pose.

Haven’t seen what I’m talking about (and it’s amazing if you haven’t)? Go here and check it out. I’m not sure about copyright laws and I know that I can’t pay that photographer what he deserves, so hop over to this sight and get a side by side view of the great Jim Rash/Angelina Poseathon.

Taking a lesson from Jim Rash, I’ve been asking myself one question…how will I get my book noticed out of all those books on the shelves and online? Easy- stand out in the crowd no matter how you have to do it, and get all the cameras on you. When my book is published, I will be promoting it Jim-Rash Style. Out there, not afraid to grab a laugh, and having fun all the way. Congrats to Jim, and Angelina for being a good sport. Stay tuned for my analysis of Tom Cruise’s anti-aging deal with Beelzebub. According to MSNBC, he’s now a living Benjamin Button!


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