Becoming the canvas

 Daughter and I decided to become the canvas for someone else’s art last night. At a local restaurant that I adore, Bombay Spice, there is a lovely woman who paints henna designs on customers. My daughter is 16 and loves any kind of art, spending most of her time drawing or writing stories (wonder where she got that from?) I love spending time with her and we always have a blast doing things together. I’m lucky that way, she is 16 and still wants to hang out with me. Yes, I know that’s as rare as a unicorn, but I’ll take it and ask questions later.

The finished products were beautiful and so much fun. The paint feels cool as she applies it, then itches a little as it dries. I didn’t think ahead and had the top of my right hand done, which made it a little tricky to pay the bill and drive home. Daughter thought ahead and had the inside of her left hand done, realizing she wouldn’t be able to use it for a bit. Smart kid. Once the paint dries and falls off, the stain lasts for about 8-10 days.

By the way, the food at Bombay Spice is incredible. We made a meal out of way too many appetizers, but we couldn’t stop. We had lentil cakes (look to the right), smoky grilled tofu and a dosa filled with spicy potatoes. I usually save food photos for my blog on gluten-free food, but I had to share just one. Isn’t it pretty? These are the lentil cakes topped with a yogurt/mint sauce and crispy GF noodles. If you’re in the Phoenix area, don’t miss this place. Oh, and the Mehndi artist is there the first Thursday of every month. See you next month.


2 thoughts on “Becoming the canvas

  1. I’m sending a link to your blog to Seth. He loves…we love Indian food…and we haven’t experienced Bombay Spice yet.

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