A Year in Photos

My 365 photo for Jan. 1, 2013

“Infinite Possibilities”… My 365 photo for Jan. 1, 2013

I stumbled upon 365 Project a few weeks ago and decided to take the challenge. Quite simply, post one photo per day for an entire year. Doesn’t matter when you start, and even the content and quality of the photos are open. But just by committing to one photo per day, I have begun to see the world in a different way.

For one thing, I am always looking at things from a different angle. Whether it’s closer than usual, or perhaps from the side instead of straight on, I’ve learned to realize the beauty in even the smallest things.

Another fun capture

Another fun capture

A dear friend of mine has been on the site for ages, and not only is she a professional photographer with a keen eye for beauty, but she’s encouraging, thoughtful and funny as hell. If you want to see real beauty and fun shots, check out her 365 shots HERE.

And not only am I having a blast taking photos, choosing the best one for the day, manipulating them to B&W or sepia, but I’m learning from the photographers on the site. they are kind with their comments and helpful. I never would have thought to take such different, artistic photos until browsing all the great ideas on the site. Spend some time there and take a look, you won’t be bored, I assure you.

I see nature in a much different way now.

I see nature in a much different way now.

Check out my photos HERE and comment if you want. I’m open to criticism (polite, of course) and praise.


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