Celebrities Without Makeup-Why Do We Care?

P1010021As I stood in line at Safeway I glanced at the celebrity rags lining the aisle. One of them shouted in large, bold print – “65 Stars Without Makeup!” On the cover of the rag are eight photos of famous women including Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez and Mila Kunis, all caught off guard sans eyeliner, lip gloss, bronzer and most with their hair pulled back or sporting serious bedhead. Inside, I’m assuming even more stars have been caught with their Covergirl left at home.

I stood there and looked around me at the women in line and walking around the store. How many of them, including me, would want their photo plastered on a magazine right about now? How many of them dolled themselves up to run to Safeway for that extra ricotta they forgot for tonight’s lasagna? Not me, no way. Sure, I had on jeans and a cute sweater. I may even have a bit of makeup on, but hell, I’m not ready for a photo shoot. And why should these women be hounded by photographers and not allowed to be normal?

I looked at the photos and saw beautiful, regular, average women. Sure, they didn’t look like their red-carpet selves, but who does at 8 a.m. on a run to Starbuck’s? Why should it be any different because they are celebrities? Yes, they chose this life and yes, being a celebrity has its perks (more zeros on a paycheck than the number of paychecks you’ve had). But why should this be part of the job? Nobody takes photos of teachers, doctors, or corporate CEOs on their way to get coffee and drop the kids at school. It’s not plastered all over the Internet and magazines that my neighbor wore denim on denim and skipped eyeliner and her fake eyelashes today.

I could have posted a link here to the magazine/rag, but I’m sure you can find it on your own if you need to. I suggest you just move on and leave them be. As for me, I am happy to be one of the many who can head out to Safeway without full makeup armor and a Badgley/Mischka gown. And if anyone dares to take a photo of me in my studio before noon, it won’t be pretty. But at least my neighbors won’t care.


4 thoughts on “Celebrities Without Makeup-Why Do We Care?

  1. Love it, Valerie. I’ve thought the same thing! Thank God my pic isn’t posted all over, all the time – bed head, no makeup, cheesy clothes, whatever, i.e., being human. Thanks for sharing.

    Christmas Cardinal 2012 Stamp.JPG


    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ *Shannon*¸.·*´¨) .·*¨)

  2. I feel for these women. Sure, it’s part of their life that they’ll be photographed. But the message it sends to young women and girls who want to pursue a career that would put them in the spotlight isn’t very positive. And where’s the spread of male celebrities caught w/o their every hair in place or valet-chosen clothing? Again with the double standard.

    • I have to agree. It doesn’t send a good message to our girls at all. Why is it such a disaster if any of these women go out without makeup? They still look good, just not red-carpet. And guys look the same (unless you count Nick Nolte or Mel Gibson mug shots). They may not have a tux on, but there is definitely a double standard.

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