Taking Time Out to Celebrate

Just a bit of color

Just a bit of color

Where have I been? I took a break from writing, working, and even sleeping at times, to help a dear friend with her small, intimate, and lovely wedding recently.


A beautiful entry to a wedding

I had great fun being creative and experimenting with all kinds of ideas, and dear Heather was a dream bride and basically approved just about everything I suggested. Ok, some ideas were out there, but creativity can be a strange bedfellow. Or is that politics? I can never remember.

I did suggest making a huge frame and using it as a photo booth of sorts (blame Pinterest, the mother of all time-sucks on the planet and a new passion of mine). She turned that idea down quickly, but then she said the one word that turned it all around — TARDIS. That led to asking the husband to create a 6′ TARDIS frame to be used at the wedding for a photo booth. Yeah, he did it, and he did an amazing job. The wedding party loved it and everyone had fun taking photos in there.

The Daughter contemplating a trip with The Doctor, fez and all.

The Daughter contemplating a trip with The Doctor, fez and all.

What I didn’t plan for was the fact that everything had to be transported to Tucson in my car for the ceremony. While I piled and stacked things on my dining-room table all month, and the pile spilled over onto the sofa, the stash for the back of the Tahoe began to grow. The back seats were removed, then the next row of seats were flattened. The TARDIS (in two pieces) was placed in first, then all the candles, ribbons, bows, glasses, drink dispensers, serving bowls, etc. On top of that, Daughter and I baked 300 gluten-free cookies a few days before the wedding, and ordered 12 dozen bags of gluten-free pita bread that the bride requested from a local bakery. Yeah, I went there and picked it up the night before the wedding. What else was there to do? Two teenagers and I squeezed into the car and took a 2-hour drive while listening to show tunes (OK, that was their idea and these kids are awesome but that’s another post.)

Just a few of the refreshing goodies that made the day special.

Just a few of the refreshing goodies that made the day special.

But the end result was worth all the effort. And on top of that, I did manage to squeeze in some work and a bit of writing on my own WIP in the midst of all the planning, which was quite satisfying.

Now that it’s over, it’s back to editing and writing, which is what I do best and what makes me happy. I’m so touched and glad that I took part in this wonderful celebration, and my days as a wedding planner are over. You can find me back in my chair, listening to Pavarotti and typing away. Right where I belong.


6 thoughts on “Taking Time Out to Celebrate

  1. You did such an amazing job!!! I am so blessed to have you as a friend and your creativity and enthusiasm made my wedding incredible! And those cookies were the perfect surprise. I can’t tell you just how grateful and thankful we both are for all the effort and sleepless nights (you know that was more Pinterest than me) that you put in for us. We absolutely love you and the teenagers and the husband.

    • Aw thanks. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for letting me be creative and have fun with it. The teenagers had a blast-any roadtrip is fun for them. We love you guys too!

  2. As someone who has been involved and on your end of the planning, you did a fabulous job. Everything was beautiful and well thought out.

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