A few thoughts on my day

CommuteThe morning begins. Usually taking the teen to class or to a friend’s. Yes, we have plenty of time to get ready, but we are night owls, which means we will always be running late in the morning. Eating in the car is nothing new.

photo 1

It’s mighty early

On the off days we do not have to rush off someplace, we end up retiring to our respective writing zones. She does homework, I retreat to my office and edit or write my own prose. The cats usually lounge around inside the studio or just outside, depending on the weather.

Old School Workin'

No, I don’t work on this, but I sure love to look at it. I’ve been collecting old typewriters for a bit now (they take up a lot more room that I thought) and they litter my home like newspapers in an episode of Hoarders. OK, not that bad, but when I dust them it feels like it. Looking at them reminds me how lucky I am to be a writer in the age of the computer, iPad, iPhone, and Internet.

I keep the windows open on a lovely day, the 8 Track playlists running, and the water flowing (gotta keep hydrated). Yes, some days there is a glass of wine or two, but that’s on special occasions. Hemingway I’m not.

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?

When I return to the house for a bite to eat, I’m judged by those waiting inside for a snack. This guy pulled a muscle chasing the cat, which means he just sits around looking miserable (and waiting till he can pick up the chase). The other one is usually sleeping in a sunbeam somewhere.

photo 1_2The day is ending, and that means grabbing a bite, watching a little Supernatural (we’re catching up) and Monarch of the Glen (I just discovered this one) with a bit of the good Chivas. A little goes a long way, with TV and good Scotch. Am I right?

I love my days, and my nights. Of course, it’s not always this peaceful. Sometimes family visits, rain falls, cakes are baked, laundry is done, etc. Those are good days, too. Just not picture worthy sometimes.

What makes your day special?