Can you really chase a perp in those heels?

I’ve been watching too much TV lately, I’ll admit it. But these days there seem to be a lot of great shows on and I’m weak, so very weak. I particularly like the shows Castle and Psych. Both are fun “detective” stories with very little resemblance to actual police procedure. But even though we are supposed to understand that it is fiction, do they really think we don’t notice that both main female cops are wearing 5-inch heels on the job? Seriously?

Ok, I know we have to suspend disbelief for most of these shows, but this is so distracting to me. With every bit of fiction, there has to be some basis in truth for us to follow it. I touched on this topic a little bit ago here when I ranted about Grace Adler’s weight and eating as unrealistic, then I was reminded that not everyone gains weight when they eat. Point taken.

But now, I want someone to point out a female police detective who arrives at a crime scene wearing 5-inch heels and skin-tight pants. It’s just not practical, and aren’t these characters supposed to be hard-nosed cops, or at least want to be treated as such? This is a tough line to walk, as a writer and a viewer.

My take on this is that the men running these shows are conflicted. If they make the female cop too hard-assed and tough, she won’t be attractive. If they give her a mini skirt and hooker shoes, most women won’t watch. Therefore, they make her hard-assed but beautiful, tough but dressed a bit sexy so any guy would want to pick up at a bar (check out how their hair is never messed, they are waifishly thin and the aforementioned heels) but wielding the smart mouth, clever wit and eye for detail that makes us want to be her friend. Shit, I want to be her! But only if you can teach me how to run in those heels!

Now, where can I find those boots Beckett was wearing on Monday night?